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Federal Intelligence Service (BND) has led a spy in the vicinity of present-day Russian President Vladimir Putin in the eighties

It should be noted that in early 2000 influential Western media reported that Putin was recruited in the 1980s by German BND foreign intelligence when he served in the Soviet zone of occupation in Germany and regularly traveled to the west. BND, in turn, gave a valuable agent Vladimir Putin at the CIA.
While working for the KGB in Germany, Putin underpaid Russian agents recruited them in the west. He forced them to sign a receipt for the full amount of wages allocated to them the KGB, while the difference has put in his pocket.
A large number of detailed articles on the secret work of Putin in the KGB and the CIA have been published, particularly in Austria by political magazine NEWS. Putin often traveled to Austria from Eastern Germany, where he was stationed.
Veteran of the Main Intelligence Directorate I. Parinov served there for more than thirty years said: "Putin has long been recruited by the West and apparently has become the largest project of Western intelligence agencies." And further explained that the spies of this magnitude are displayed outside the intelligence, there are many other, more professional and more obscure services.
This person works for the entire West. His "resolute struggle against Western influence" and "against the collapse of Russia" is the appearance of the "fight against". This is cover-up. It is time to learn to distinguish between the slogans from real actions. What spy would admit out loud that he enemy agent? Or is it a spy who loudest cheering cry of "Forward, Russia!" but secretly do everything to destroy the country? Let's see, there are drawback in intelligence
information - eventually it become obsolete.

Putin's former chief killed drove him out of the KGB to work for the CIA

March 30 at his apartment was found shot former KGB general Leonid Shebarshin, who was previously the head of Putin, headed the First Chief Directorate (part of the committee responsible for foreign intelligence) from February 1989 until August 1991. Shebarshin served as chairman of the KGB of the USSR from 22 August to 23 August 1991. Then he resigned.
In late 1999 - early 2000 in the Western media there is evidence that Major Putin was dismissed at the time of the KGB for unauthorized contacts with officers of the German foreign intelligence service BND and the American CIA, which gave reason to believe that Putin was recruited by and worked for the KGB double, rather triple agent.
In early 2000, Austrian news magazine News referring to the Austrian counterintelligence was published a long article about that in the 1980s, Putin underpaid recruited them Austrian politicians from among the members of the Austrian Parliament and part of their salaries put it in his pocket, making sign receipts for Moscow of the receipt of the full amount due salaries of the agency.
This was reported in the counterintelligence interrogation of politicians themselves.
Recall that Putin has used his base in Dresden, East Germany, only for trips out to the West and espionage work in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In early 2000, the Austrian press reported that in 1991, Putin and his family came to Austria to buy a house in a rural village for big money. Press referred to the testimony of the mayor of the village who Putin asked about buying a home.
The press quoted Putin's photos with family vacationing in the village and inquired about buying a home.
Detailed chronicle of scandal in connection with the work of Putin's for BND and the CIA according to Austrian press for the end of 1999 - beginning of 2000 was published in St. Petersburg newspaper "Our Fatherland".
The chief editor of this newspaper Yevgeny Schekatihin suddenly died allegedly from heart disease in 2003, after the FSB began to pursue him for the truth and carry on questioning all subscribers of his newspaper (about 800 people), a list of which was selected by search of his apartment.
Before Schekatihin died "from the heart", he never never never complained on the heart, was healthy and strong. Doctors had detected no heart diseaseafter after he was dead.

Assassination of Russia ( Blowing up Russia )
Documentary film describes the September 1999 Russian apartment bombings as a terrorism act committed by Russian state security services. Written and directed by Yuri Felshtinsky and Alexander Litvinenko. "We just cannot go out and say that the president of Russia is a mass murderer. But it is important that we know it."

- the Kremlin pedophile

Putin ordered Litvinenko's murder after he accused Russian President of being a PEDOPHILE: Murdered KGB spy claimed there was video of him molesting underage boys

"Putin Involved in Drug Smuggling Ring", Says Ex-KGB Officer

Russian president Vladimir Putin and his long-time ally Victor Ivanov, who is currently head of Russia’s narcotics agency, have been implicated in helping run a drug smuggling and money laundering ring in St Petersburg in the 1990s. The allegations were made by ex-KGB officer Yuri Shvets who spoke at the inquiry into the death Alexander Litvinenko yesterday.

UN experts believe that the annual volume of illegal drug trade reaches $ 322-400 billion, which is approximately 7% of the world trade volume.
The price of heroin in the world at the moment is the lowest for the last 20 years.
This is a consequence of
the fact that narcotraffic of heroin is carried out by NATO military aircraft from Afghanistan to military bases in the Russian Federation and is further distributed under the roof of the FSB. The second heroin route is NATO military aircraft from Afghanistan to the NATO military bases in Kosovo (Europe) and further to the United States.
The Russian Federation ranks first in the world in terms of the amount of heroin used. Russia accounts for about 20% of heroin produced worldwide.

This means that every year from Afghanistan by NATO aircraft to the airfields of the FSB delivered at least 1.800 tons of pure opium !
Africa, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc. - see who makes money selling human organs, natural resources, weapons, drugs, loans ? - The global fascist mafia !
According to the most conservative estimates, Putler's fascist gang deduces up to $ 1 trillion of money stolen from the people in the year on accounts in Western banks.
Most of this money settles in the pockets of the owners of Putler - CIA and Mossad.
What do you think, who is not yet bought from Western politicians ?

Governments of NATO countries and Israel are fully responsible for the occupation of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, millions of victims and refugees, genocide, torture, forcible seizure and retention of power, falsification of elections by the fascist junta in many countries ( Russia, Ukraine, China, Germany Iran, India, the countries of Africa, the Middle East and America ), creation and arming of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS and masses of other terrorist gangs around the world, production of heroin in Afghanistan, cocaine in America, other synthetic drugs and their sale all over the world !

Gazprom, BASF, E.ON, ENGIE, OMV and Shell sign Shareholders Agreement on Nord Stream II project
The project will be implemented by the New European Pipeline AG joint venture. According to the document, Gazprom will own a 51 per cent share in the joint project company, while E.ON, Shell, OMV and BASF/Wintershall will have ten per cent each, and ENGIE – nine per cent.
The Nord Stream II project envisages the construction of two offshore strings with an aggregate annual capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas, to be laid from Russia to Germany across the Baltic Sea.

Putler met motherfuckers who have audacity to speak for all Jews and Hebrews. And they agreed to eliminate citizens of Ukraine and Palestine.

Pentagon is blown up by white missile -  official video

9/11 - Missing Links ( full movie )


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