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Private address and phone of CDU - Fascist and Minister of the Interior of the State of North Rhine - Westphalia
Herbert Reul ( born 31 August 1952 ) are :
Im Dorffeld 8, 42799 Leichlingen, Germany.
Phone : 021 / 759 88 91

He is direct responsible for the police, fascist operation in and around the Hambach Forest, assaulting the activists, mass arrests, detentions and the accident that led to the death of journalist.

Herbert Reul is married, father of three adult daughters.


Hambach Forest


1) Address

Link to the website ( website may already be deleted ) :

2) Phone

Link to the website ( website may already be deleted ) :

3) Mape

4) Herbert Reul and Angela Merkel


I have searched here in vain for at least one sentence that corresponds to the truth :

Interview of the NRW - Minister of the Interior Herbert Reul about police operation in the Hambacher Forst.



Police balance sheet after eleven days, as of Thursday : 66 structures had been evicted, of which 65 had been destroyed. There were 260 short-term detentions and 121 temporary arrests.

Here are the links to the "police violence in the Hambach Forest".
Herbert Reul is Minister of the Interior of the State of North Rhine - Westphalia and direct responsible for this :

1) I hate RT because they do propaganda for Putler, but others do not report about it :

A week ago a deadly crash of a journalist took place in the Hambach Forest. The police quickly spoke of an unfortunate accident. Activists contradict this version in a conversation with RT and make serious allegations against the police forces. They say the accident happened at a time when police attacked activists in neighboring trees.

2) Police violence in Hambacher Forst :


Police spokespeople are lying in this video about "Molotov cocktails" allegedly used by activists to attack police officers. There is no evidence or video to prove it :

Hambach Forest is a political standpoint for environmentalists who are protesting against the German energy company RWE because of the open-pit lignite mine situated on the site.
On 13 September 2018 a large scale police operation started initiated by North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Construction to evict more than fifty tree houses which existed for up to six years because they didn't comply with fire safety regulation standards. To protect life and limb of the tree house occupants was announced as an important goal of the operation.
On 19 September a jounalist broke through a walkway in 15 meters height in the tree house village of Beechtown and died after immediately taken resuscitation efforts failed. The eviction of tree houses had been stopped immidiately after that incident but should be resumed according to North Rhine-Westphalian Interior Minister Reul.
Hambach Forest (German: Hambacher Forst, Bürgewald, Die Bürge) is a forest located in North Rhine-Westphalia, western Germany, between Cologne and Aachen. The forest is nearly 12,000 years old, rich in biodiversity and home to 142 species regarded as important for conservation.
Only ten percent of Hambach Forest still remains.

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